Breaking News:

Independent Consultant's Report is withheld from public

The Environmental Offices have advised us that the independent consultant's report will not be released into the public domain due to "legal" reasons. We are outraged that we remain in the dark about Mr Pierson's findings about the operations at the site and we can only assume that the complaints that many residents have made to Environment, Planning and Enforcement for over 12 years have been substantiated by the report conculsions. Current planning applications will enable further unsustainable site development and we encourage you to make formal online objections about any proposal by Omega Proteins. Read more....

Appeal Decision 2010 Conditions in Force:

Omega Proteins are now allowed to implement the conditions as set out in the Appeals Decision 2010 document.

What they can do:

Planning Permission Granted:

Despite strong objections from the local community and Councillors, the Council has approved yet another major retrospective planning application to retain the access road at Omega Proteins, Erlings Works, Thornton.

We expect that Omega will continue to submit more planning applications in the future to further expand the site.

What You Can Do:

In order to ensure that Omega Proteins fully comply with planning permissions and environmental issues, you need to make a formal complaint and contact the Council Offices.

If you do nothing, nothing will change and you will continue to be blighted by the horrendous odours and HGV out of hour movements.

The Council Offices record and "try" to investigate complaints. You should expect to receive a complaint reference number and a follow up response from the investigating Officer.

We advise you to keep a diary of events whether it is about the horrendous odour escaping plant boundaries, grounding of plume, highway safety or HGV movements and driver behaviour.

Ensure you include a description of how this impacts your family, day to day life, enjoyment of your home and garden.

Time, date and weather conditions are very important to include in your complaint.

Record your perception of the smell; remembering to include the time, date of the occurence and weather conditions including wind direction and speed.

You can telephone the 24 Hour Council Offices hotline 01274 431000 or alternatively contact the appropriate department. A full list of who is who is located on our Report a Complaint web page.