Report Your Complaint - Useful Contacts and Links

Council Contacts Description and Email Address Telephone
24 Hour Hotline 24 hour phone number for reporting of spillages, smells, highway concerns and planning issues. Complaints will be forwarded to appropriate department and officer. 01274 431000
Planning Department Mineral & Waste Team  
John Eyles
Majors Manager
Manager of team and primary decision maker on formal/legal action on planning matters
01274 433770
Carole Howarth
Principal Planning Officer
Dealing with planning applications and working in conjunction with Brian Robinson on enforcement of conditions set in planning decision notices
01274 433770
Brian Robinson
Enforcement Officer
Investigating enforcing of conditions as set out in planning decision notices
01274 434370
General Enquiries 01274 433770
Environment Health Department  
Ruth Lees
Principal Environmental Health Manager
Primary decision maker regarding formal actions on permit and Environmental Health matter
01274 437766
Phil Best
Environmental Health Officer
Deals with day to day running of plant, permit, smell and emissions
01274 437766
Environment Email
Email all complaints to the above address
Kevin Toyne
Animal Health Inspector
Deals with animal spillages
01274 431000
Councillor Malcolm Sykes
Thornton and Allerton Ward
01274 431000
Councillor Valerie Binney
Thornton and Allerton Ward
01274 431000
Councillor Simon Cooke
Bingley Rural Ward - Denholme
01274 431000
MP Philip Davies
Shipley Constituency
01274 592248
MP George Galloway
Bradford - Thornton and Allerton Ward
MEP Edward McMillan-Scott
MEP Bradford
01274 643988
Bradford West Community Liaison Officer  
Lisa Bank
Leads Neighbourhood Forums for Bradford North/West; working with the community and council offices
01274 432597